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In its first four years, the Ambassadors’ Academy, an outreach of Living Waters, trained almost nine hundred people from 49 states and several countries in biblical evangelism. After a five-year hiatus, we are thrilled to announce our Academy is back!

At the Ambassadors’ Academy, you will get equipped to serve as a bold ambassador of Christ and gain a new passion for the lost. Hosted by seasoned evangelist Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team, this intensive evangelism training will give you all the tools you need, regardless of your level of experience. You will be able to share the gospel in several iconic Southern California settings, such as Hollywood Boulevard and Huntington Beach, and will enjoy a tremendous time of spiritual growth and personal encouragement.


Founder and CEO of Living Waters
President of Living Waters
Director of the Ambassadors’ Academy
Vice President of Outreach at Living Waters


The Ambassadors’ Academy is 2½ days of fast-paced classroom instruction and on-the-street witnessing, where you will learn to put into daily practice the principles of biblical evangelism.

You will receive instruction in how to witness to anyone, anywhere, anytime; how to open-air preach, from drawing a crowd to the secret to keeping it; how to start a witnessing conversation and answer tough objections; how to love your neighbor and keep the evangelistic fire burning, and more. You will then apply what you’ve learned at some of the most effective street evangelism locations Southern California has to offer.

You will be able to watch our speakers in action as they preach the gospel on the streets. Each participant will have personalized mentoring by a team leader experienced in open-air preaching and one-on-one evangelism. Your team leader will answer questions, offers tips and suggestions, and help you fulfill your goals for your Academy experience.

Throughout the Academy, you will enjoy fellowship in the gospel with brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world. Participants often develop friendships with one another that will last a lifetime.



6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

• Orientation
• Evening sessions
• Breakout groups


9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

• Morning sessions
• Tour of Living Waters headquarters
• Evening outreach


8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

• Morning outreach
• Afternoon outreach
• Graduation celebration


Academy registration includes all training seminars and class materials, and charter bus transportation to all Academy events.


  • Includes three nights at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Buena Park (Thursday night through Sunday morning), with a hot breakfast provided. Individual attendees will automatically be assigned a roommate, however, you can request to be assigned a specific roommate. For those extending their trip, Buena Park is the home of Knott’s Berry Farm; the hotel is moments away from the park, down the street from Medieval Times, and a ten-minute drive from Disneyland.



Academy only

  • Ideal for local participants, this option does not include lodging or meals. However, all participants are required to meet at the hotel and travel together on the bus to all Academy events (personal transportation is not allowed). *Due to driving safety concerns after very long days, you must live within 30 minutes of the hotel to be able to apply for this trip option.

Married couples

  • Includes three nights at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Buena Park for two in a deluxe room with a king bed (Thursday night through Sunday morning), with a hot breakfast provided on Friday and Saturday. To ease the financial strain on a household, this cost includes a $195 discount off the normal price.



$100 off
  • While this Academy is not geared toward younger children, this training is perfect for older teenagers and college students. This applies to any Academy cost option.


$100 off
  • This is for multiple family members living within the same home. This is to ease the financial strain on a family, to allow sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, etc. to come. Multiple discounts can be applied to the same household for each additional family member (e.g. if a parent brings their two sons, they would get $100 off for each). (This discount is already built into the couple’s option.) This applies to any Academy cost option.


  • We are so grateful for all that our pastors do. In appreciation, we’d like to honor them by giving them a half-price discount on any Academy cost option. The minister will need to be actively serving in pastoral/missionary ministry (verifiable online—those with ministerial credentials with no current active ministry do not meet the requirement for this discount).


“I have already recommended the Ambassadors’ Academy to a dozen folk since I’ve come back! This is exactly the practical, hands-on training that the church desperately needs.”


South Africa

“Learning how to biblically share your faith is essential. The fellowship of like-minded Christians banding together going to the streets and proclaiming to gospel is awesome. It’s hard to find that anywhere else.”



“I would recommend the Ambassadors’ Academy because it is like evangelism on steroids. Take a Christian who is timid about sharing their faith, put them in this atmosphere, and it speeds them light-years ahead of the natural process. We need laborers, and we need them now. What better way to raise them up than at the Ambassadors’ Academy?”


North Carolina

“It is the best training available to witness the beloved gospel to this lost world. Very encouraging ‘roll up the sleeves, where the rubber meets the road’ biblical evangelism.”


Ontario, Canada

“I want to put money away in our budget each year to send more people to the academy . . . People who participate in the Ambassadors’ Academy will come away saying openly and wholeheartedly, ‘If I can do that in Hollywood and at Huntington Beach, I can in my own hometown.’”

Pastor Mike


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